Upcoming projekts

During spring 2014 we hope to see through following projects:

A further extension of the eastern landing stage alongside the outer pier with alongside landing stages.

Yet another porch, this time at the upcoming landing stage by the marina entry gap.

Establishing small fishing shacks by the marina.

Lightning at the marina entry.

Solar cells

On a longer basis we hope to be able to finance a flight of “Spanish stairs” I azzobewood between the main landing stage and the slipway.

It is not possible to book a landing stage at Avernakø marina nor online or by personal contact.

We believe that with the upcoming expansion during the season of 2014 it won’t be necessary to establish a booking system     

The harbor master can always be contacted if there should be any questions regarding  available landing stages from day to day.

Any ideas of improvements will kindly be received by any of the border members. 

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